About Metran International Group

Metran International Pty. Ltd. is an Australian Company fully accredited with the ASIC and was established in 2004 with a focus on project design, and sale of Renewable Energy Products in the International Markets of Asia, Pacific Islands, Middle East & Africa.  

The principle Director of the Company, Mr. Mel Peatey has been involved in International Sales since 1985, with the past 17 years dedicated to the Renewable Energy Sector.


Throughout this period there has been a stronger focus on energy efficient Heat Pump Products for the production of hot water due to their ability to more effectively cater for a larger section of the total hot water market.


Metran International Pty. Ltd. offers a complete design service for Heat Pump installations in all types of new and existing Commercial/Industrial applications, as well as being able to offer the most cost effective Heat Pump Units to suit each application.  


Each design presentation includes the calculated daily hot water requirement, any peak load requirement, as well as a calculation for Return on Investment (ROI) on each installation.


System design is critical and this can be verified with the fitting of the new Tracking Energy Anywhere (TEA) monitoring program that is now available from Metran International Pty. Ltd.


This program is an inexpensive way to collect detailed, accurate data that is collected automatically every 60 seconds throughout each 24 hour day.   The TEA monitoring system can also be retained after any new installation is completed to monitor actual energy and monetary savings.


A full range of domestic as well as Commercial/Industrial metran Heat Pump Units are available for the International Markets of Asia, Pacific Islands, India, and Middle East.



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