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Replacing an inefficent hot water unit is one of the most significant low cost, carbon-reduction opportunities available to the consumer today.

Metran International Pty. Ltd. offers a complete design service for Heat Pump installations in all types of new and existing Commercial/Industrial applications, as well as being able to offer the most cost effective Heat Pump Units to suit each application.  


Each design presentation includes the calculated daily hot water requirement, any peak load requirement, as well as a calculation for Return on Investment (ROI) on each installation.


A full range of domestic as well as Commercial/Industrial metran Heat Pump Units are available for the International Markets of Asia, Pacific Islands, India, and Middle East.


The heat pump principle is simple and can be compared to a refigerator, but in reverse. It extracts latent energy form the air and transfers it to the heating system. This free energy from the environment is converted into useful heat to heat water. In other words, you are using free energy from the environment that doesn't cost a cent, and at the same time reducing your carbon footprint.


Solar PV Lighting Kits


Our aim is to provide Low Cost, Durable, Safe, Easy to use, solar PV products for all of our International customers. The products range from Solar Lighting Kits to Total Solar Power System Solutions. We supply training, installation, as well as maintenance services.


In past years, we have successfully completed solar power system projects in
many Developing Countries.   Please contact Mel Peatey mel@metrangroup.com for all requirements in the S.E. Asian & Pacific Islands Regions.





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