Solar PV Kits

For many years field observations have been conducted to provide most suitable and cost effective Energy Systems for developing Countries and this research has revealed that these Regions were disadvantaged by lack of electricity.

It was found that the only means of lighting for these Regions were:

- Candles
- Hurricane lamp oil (kerosene lamp)
- Firewood

It was also found that these lighting methods created the following problems:

(1) As daily consumer goods, lamp oil or candles are costly.

(2) Kerosene is harmful to the eyes and lungs, especially to the children.

(3) Firewood collection is hard, daily work for the women and the children.

(4) The practice of burning firewood is also bad for the environment.

(5) In many cases more than 80% of fires in rural areas are caused by either one or a combination of the points shown above.

There are now a number of cost effective solar Photovoltaic (PV) options available that can address and overcome the health and environmental issues that previously existed.


Solar PV Kits


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