Distribution Opportunities

The Company is Metran International Pty. Ltd. that is supplying & developing a Distributor network for themetran” Range of Heat Pump Hot Water Products, to various Regions throughout Asia, Middle East and Africa.


The Directors of Metran International Pty. Ltd. have many years of marketing and distributor development experience within Australia and Overseas and they have found the following minimum criteria must be met in order to provide the best opportunities of success.


Metran International Pty. Ltd. Minimum Criteria


1. An established Company in “the Country” with a suitable Office and Showroom.


2. A suitable Store/warehouse with sufficient space to be able to store enough units to service the market needs properly.


3. No other similar type of product being sold by the business.


4. Financial capability, to purchase F.C.L. quantities to the value of between USD $45,000.00 to USD $55,000.00 for each container.


5. A dedicated metran Heat Pump Products sales team of sufficient size to satisfactorily service the market by the way of direct marketing, as well as maximising market opportunities in “the Country”.


6. Establish a trained, capable installation and serving team for the metran Heat Pump Products in “the Country”.


7. Metran International Pty. Ltd. will provide assistance with training in the form of English literature, and personal training by Metran International Pty. Ltd. representatives, when they visit the region.


8. Metran International Pty. Ltd. will provide English written brochures and posters in each container shipment to “the Country” with quantities being reflective of the Sales volumes in the area.


9. Metran International Pty. Ltd. will provide any technical support that you may require from time to time.


Can you tick the boxes? Talk to us today if you feel that this minimum criteria can be met successfully.